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We provide trade records of Imports and Exports from Pakistan. We have in depth data records ranging from multiple years. We have commercial records which includes all sectors such as Textile, Plastic, Machines or anything according to the HS Code.

We Manage all kind of Import/Export Data for Pakistan.

We have our public sources through which we can source best kind of records with high yielding results. We collect data from all over the Pakistan using Shipping Manifests, Bill of Lading and Bill of Entries.

Explore New Product Markets

Find new product markets with the insights available in the data records provided to see either from which market a specific product is being exported or from which market a specific product is being purchased.

Find importers and exporters

Increase Business Leads & Find exporters and importers of thousands of import and export products.

increase business

Gather data about Import export and take your business to a new level. It helps you to see the latest trends such as how and when a product was imported and in which quantity a product is being imported or exported to which buyers or vendors.

Why do I need data?

To Increase your Import-Export Business

The statistics and records help you stay up-to date with the trends and current market situation. We can provide you in depth details of the records so that you may stay on the top of Import-Export game. We can provide you data Chapter Wise, HS Code Wise, Product Wise or in any other format you may like. We also support monthly recurring payment options and subscription. Please stay in touch with us to know more.

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Type of Data Records

We have wide range of Record types and you can have a look at the detailed information below.

Imports & Exports

All Karachi sea port Imports & Exports data

Imports & Exports

All Port Qasim Imports & Exports data


All Karachi Oil sectors data

Imports & Exports

All Pakistan cities Imports and Exports data

Imports & Exports

All Pakistan Dry Ports data

Imports & Exports

All Pakistan Airport Imports & Exports data

Got specific data requirement?

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Please have a look at the records sample for both import and export.
Click on the Link below to download sample record.

Imports dATA

Download Import Data Sample

Exports dATA

Download Export Data Sample


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